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Details van de voorwaarden voor de fietsgarantie

What does the warranty cover?

The bicycle warranty covers accidental damage to rental equipment as well as theft (conditions detailed below) with a limit of €4,000 per bicycle.

Are concerned:
- Regular bikes and tandem.
- Electrical assisted bikes limited to 25km/h and 250wh.
- Children's equipment such as: children's bike, trailer, 3rd wheel, follow me.
- The navigation equipment provided.

The guarantee cannot be taken out to cover personal equipment.

Under what conditions does the warranty work?

The guarantee is only valid if it is contracted and paid before the date of the trip.
The guarantee is only valid for the bike for which it is taken out. A transfer to another bike from the same reservation or group is not possible.

- Only for the equipment rented by the customer.
- Only to accessories fixed by the bike rental company.
- The damage must be accidental and not due to the negligence of the customer.

- Theft by assault.
- Theft by breaking and entering a property.
- Theft from a public road or from your accommodation when the bicycle frame was secured to a fixed point with the bicycle rental company's lock. There must be a break-in on the bike rental company's lock.
- The theft entitles the customer to a replacement bike within 24 hours, as close as possible to the original model, subject to the availability of the bike at the time of the event.

Under what conditions does the guarantee not work?

Certain categories of damage and theft are not covered. The costs caused by this type of event remain the responsibility of the customer.

- Damage caused to third parties during the use of the bicycle under warranty.
- Personal injury.
- Breakdown.
- The customer's personal accessories and the value of the personal effects contained in the panniers.
- Damage resulting from wear and tear, modification or transformation of the guaranteed bicycle.

- Thefts committed on public roads when the bicycle frame was not attached to a fixed point.
- Theft of bicycles or personal accessories.

What are the customer's obligations in the event of a claim?

- In case of damage:

  • Damage must be reported with a report of the facts by email to bonjour@levelovoyageur.com with photo support within 48 hours. The amount of the repairs will be determined by the bike rental company or by a professional bike dealer.

- In case of theft:
  • Theft must be reported by email to bonjour@levelovoyageur.com within 24 hours of the incident.
  • The customer must immediately after the theft file a complaint at the local Police station and send it to Le Vélo voyageur by email to bonjour@levelovoyageur.com within 48 hours of the incident.
  • The customer must provide proof of the break-in with a report of the facts and photos to clear his liability.


In case of theft, a deductible is applied according to the rented material:

  • Touring bike: 150€/bike
  • Electric assisted bike: 350€/bike
  • Road bike : 350€/bike
  • Gravel bike: 350€/bike
  • Tandem: 350€/bike
  • Child bike: 40€/bike
  • Trailer: 80€/trailer
  • 3rd wheel: 40€/bike
  • Follow me: 80€/unit
  • GPS: 25€/unit